Sibsagar District, Assam, India


Mangalam Tea Estate

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Mangalam Tea Estate is a unique garden spread over 118-hectares of close tea bush planting in the Sibsagar district of Assam. The estate is a pioneer in creating the concept of the ideal layout of a tea plantation. The predominantly clonal variety of tea bushes in the garden are the source for the Slightly heartier and creamier than some whole-leaf Assam Teas. In the cup, this tea delivers deep malty notes of cocoa and subtle fruit flavours.

Mangalam Tea Estate belongs to Jay Shree Tea who has been synonymous with Luxury Tea for the last 7 decades. The estate was only created some 5 decades ago and is considered an infant compared to other Assam tea estates that stand over a century old. However, the layout is now considered the right module for a tea garden.

This estate holds the mantle of not only producing the excellent black tea full of bright golden tips but also being the pioneer for modern tea planting and cultivation.

Mangalam Tea Estate is undoubtedly one of the top marks in the Assam Tea Industry. It is renowned world over for its bright golden tips and exceptional flavour on every cup of tea that is produced on this estate.




Black Tea


2.5 grams per cup

temp. 100°c

steep 3-5 minutes

Weight N/A


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