Majestic Saffron

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Mild and Mellow

With clear note of saffron taste all around


White Tea and Saffron


Darjeeling, India & Kashmir


A unique Fusion Tea, this is a blend of High Grown Darjeeling Silver tips with unmatched best quality Saffron from the Kashmir Valley of India. The exquisite combination of High Mountain Silver Tips delicately hand-picked by the lady workers from Two Leaves and a Bud and most precious spice called Kashmir Saffron throws enormous fragrance which is mild, mellow, and peachy with clear notes of saffron all around. The Sunset Colour of the cup indulges you to feel romantic and passionate. This special tea when brewed and consumed keeps you warm, agile and intelligent throughout the day.


2.5 grams per cup

temp. 90°c

steep 3 minutes

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