Idulgashinna Green

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Delicate and Light

Brew that is exceptionally sweet and clean, with a hint of apricot


Green Tea


Uva District, Sri Lanka


Located in the Uva region of central southern Sri Lanka, Idulgashinna has a strong regard for the environment; they were the first tea garden in the world to become organically certified, and much of their premium quality tea production is also bio-dynamically grown.

Idulgashinna covers an area of 459 hectares, 352 of which are planted in tea at elevations between 3,500 and 6,600 feet. The plantation also has its own bank, schools and medical facilities. It produces excellent tea and has a high regard for social and environmental concerns.

Some of the finest organic green and black teas, highly regarded by tea masters around the world, come from this estate.


2.5 grams per cup

temp. 80°c

steep 3 minutes

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