High Mountain Ali shan

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Mellow and Fruity

With soft notes of lily aroma and sweet honey finish


Oolong Tea - 20-30% Oxidation


Alishan, Jiayi County, Taiwan


Ali shan oolong tea is grown on Ahli (Ali) Mountain in Taiwan’s Chiayi County. The tea is grown between 1,200 and 1,800 meters above sea level. This part of the mountain is humid with low temperatures and plenty of fog. These conditions are perfect for creating Alishan High Mountain Oolong’s outstanding flavours and aromas.

Compared to Green Tea, which is picked in the early spring, Oolong Tea is picked rather late in the autumn season; this allows the leaves have a chance to grow larger and stronger so they will survive the complex processing.

The brewed tea has a vibrant yellow colour and a light orchid aroma with a slightly sweet, yet complex flavour which is said to resemble fruits and flowers. The tea can be brewed multiple times. Another side effect of this late picking is that the leaves have more oils in them which give the tea its wonderful flavour and aroma.


3 grams per cup

temp. 100°c

steep 2 minutes

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