Moran District, Assam, India


Halmari Tea Estate

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Mellow, smooth and Velvety

With soft notes of honey and red fruits

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Halmari Tea Estate is spread over 374-hectares of splendour amongst the Brahmaputra River’s south bank, in the Upper Assam Valley. Orthodox teas from this century-old estate are renowned for their bright golden tips and fine twisted black leaves. This tea once brewed produces a stunning copper liquor which boasts a fabulously rich and malty flavour. The perfect two leaves and a bud are plucked between May and June during the small window of the elusive second flush exclusively for Teafields.

The Halmari Tea Estate belongs to the esteemed Daga Family who have built the legacy of this estate over 100 years of experience, expertise and an equally strong pursuit of quality.

The journey to attain this mantle has not been easy as till 1980, Halmari Tea Estate was considered an average quality tea producing garden. The family took a conscious decision to strive for perfection from applying quality conscious practices in the fields and factory. This was accepted in unison by every person involved in the estate to create a mindset of perfection. Today the Halmari Tea Estate stands tall as the top-ranked tea garden of Assam and is renowned as one of the best tea estates in the world.

There is a unique sense of calm when one enters Halmari, tea pluckers have a deep respect for the bushes that they pluck the leaf from, workers in the factory perform their tasks in the form of a well-staged ballet. They are all artists and work towards creating a masterpiece every day. As they all believe in treating nature with respect and mother nature will, in turn, give back in abundance to you. The proof of this is reflected in every cup of tea that is produced on this wonderful estate.


Black Tea


2.5g / 1 tea bag

temp. 100°c

steep 3-5 minutes

Weight N/A

2 reviews for Halmari Tea Estate

  1. Anna

    Excellent Assam! Its rich, balanced, sweet and fruity! Best served without milk.

  2. Elisa

    Sweet maltiness, with a low level of astringency this tea delivers on all fronts! Large leaf with bright golden tips. Highly recommended.

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