Halmari Gold

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Mellow, smooth and Velvety

With soft notes of honey and red fruits


Black Tea


Moran District, Assam, India


Basking in the splendour of the Brahamputra River’s south bank, in the Upper Assam Valley, is the 374-hectares Halmari Tea Estate. It is from here that tea pluckers pick a particularly outstanding orthodox tea: the Halmari Imperial Gold. Characterised by bright golden tips and fine, twisted black leaves, it produces a stunning copper liquor which boasts a fabulous rich and malty flavour.


2.5g / 1 tea bag

temp. 100°c

steep 3-5 minutes

what our customers say

  1. 5 out of 5

    Excellent Assam! Its rich, balanced, sweet and fruity! Best served without milk.

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