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Assam Gold Tea

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Deep and Malty

With plenty of strength and sparkle

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Assam Gold Tea comes from the best second flush of the Dikom Tea Estate. Dikom Tea Estate is renowned world over for its quality Orthodox tea. The garden is spread over 1517 -hectares of immaculate beauty along the Sessa river in Assam. The teas from the estate famous enough to be considered a brand by itself.

The history of Dikom can be traced back to Assam’s Medieval Era. The local rulers discovered that the water of Dikom was unique, due to it being sweet. This is possibly why every cup of Dikom tea has a sweet after-taste and unique to teas produced by this estate.

Dikom is situated in the far eastern part of Assam in the heart of the tea-growing close to the town of Dibrugarh. Its well-maintained fields with 73% of high-quality clonal plants ensure the quality of the teas produced is some of the best in Assam.

The cup for this Blend No. 30, is aromatic and full-bodied. Delivering a delicious, malty liquor with plenty of strength and sparkle.


Black Tea


2.5 grams per cup

temp. 100°c

steep 3-5 minutes

Weight N/A


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