Our Brand

It all started with a question...

Why do I need to travel to a tea garden to find an extraordinary cup of tea? How do we bring a garden-fresh cup to tea lovers around the world?

What followed would become our life’s work. A quest to understand nature and interpret her secrets. Discover the mystical connection between body, soul and spirit.

To achieve this, we would have to detach from the only world we knew, and become the world we sought to understand No path existed. We created our own.

Where it all began

In 2012, armed with not much more than a dream, we set out in our quest to bring the best teas from around the world back to the UK. Our dream was to introduce the UK to better tea at home, improving millions of cups and changing the tea industry for the better.

This is who we are

We’re making tea a force for good. But while we’re doing that, we’re making every tea experience one with purpose – a moment to enjoy garden fresh premium quality tea. Giving everyone another reason to yearn for the next cup of tea.

Our Mission

In a phrase: to make tea a force for good. We do this through Direct Trade – going straight to the source to find the world’s most incredible teas. Paying fairer than Fairtrade rates, we help good farmers become great farmers with our personalised training and small investments. This means we can keep bringing back your favourite teas every year and bring smiles to faces who make the tea and those who drink it.

Vision - Aspirations for the future

We aim to build the future infrastructure of tea.

A system which not only enriches the farmers and their families, but by keeping the value at source, we invest in our communities and create real long-term wealth. This is the true value of progress. This is sustainability, speciality tea, year after year.

Vision - Our Guiding Beliefs


Our teas are only sourced during the peak quality season of every growing region. True quality can only exist in the presence of humanity and the absence of compromise.


We source directly from farmers, paying fairer than Fairtrade prices – improving their tea and their lives.


The key is to take the shortest period of time to bring the tea from the garden to our warehouse in the UK. This takes anywhere between 3 weeks at the earliest to 3 months at the latest. We want our customers to experience garden fresh teas and have set up a module that ensures they experience it every time.


Whilst our process is meticulous and unforgiving, our tea is not created solely by the cold composition of science and intellect. Each leaf is guided through the process by human hand, imbued with an ancestral knowledge of the land, the environment and their delicate interplay. Virtuoso traits which cannot be taught, only inherited.

True Scarcity

We are limited by factors beyond our control. Supply is unknown. Limited by its creation, not the creator.

Tea Supply Chain

We pay farmers fairer than Fairtrade prices, which means better tea for you and a better quality of life for them.


Supply Chain

  • 10% Shipping & Finance
  • 90% Farmer


Supply Chain

  • 25% Exporter
  • 9% Shipping & Finance
  • 22% Exporter
  • 2% Broker
  • 26% Farmer

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